Sunday, October 11, 2009

CUS and Kate

This amazing young lady, Kate, is dedicated to finding these children a sponsor. She spent some time there recently and hopes to go back next summer for 2 months. She is only 18 years old! She writes a blog all about the school and the projects going on. She does fundraisers to earn money for her next trip. How I would love to join her in Uganda someday.

The CUS school is on a much smaller scale than Children International. There are approximately 300 children in this school in the mountains. Our dollar goes a long way if all of them are sponsored. Many of the CI google group that I belong to are sponsoring some of these children. After putting them on a website they were sponsored fast. That is why I'm waiting for the new list and pictures of the groups of un-sponsored children. They will have a short bio for each child.

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