Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here he is!

I finally got the right information on Jose Joel. I called CI asked to sponsor him and he was signed up. I'm wondering if they told him who his sponsor was, since we did meet and spend a day together already. I'm wondering because I sense it in his smile. His father, Joel, was a CI sponsored child also. He is a mechanic and his wife Wendy stays at home with their 3 year old son, Elias, Waidy, 9 and Joelito, 11. They were only 16 & 18 when they had Joelito.

If Jen and I can help this family together maybe it will break the cycle of poverty. They seem to be a very close bonded family. Joel speaks a little English. I can't wait to visit them again. By choosing the same country for all my sponsored children it makes it more possible to visit all of them. Even though its hard to pass up those sweet faces in other countries, I know I wouldn't be able to go to some of the others. So there are plenty of children in need in the Dominican Republic. So come one, come all.....sponsor a child in the DR and we can visit them together.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wrong child

I've anxiously been waiting for my info packet on my new child, Jose Joel, the sibling to my daughter's Waidy. I was so excited when I saw the CI envelope yesterday that I couldn't wait to get home from the Post Office to open it. Much to my surprise the letter was to thank me for sponsoring Jose Joel, but the photo and family record was that of my already sponsored child, Jose Manuel, in the same country but different area. I was so bummed as I already started a letter and welcoming package for him. I called CI and they worked out the mistake so I should get my info in 7-10 days. Another long wait but I guess I'll make it. In the meantime I have 2 letters to answer so that is good.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jose Manuel's book package

Yesterday I was feeling a little down and I had errands to run. At the end of the day around 5:00 I was heading home and didn't want to detour to the post office for the mail. I just wanted to go home. Well, I just had a feeling. I thought I might get an envelope with the CI insgnia on it for something. I've been waiting to get the info on my new child, Joelito and Yami's birthday photos. So I took the post office route. I'm so glad I did. All these pictures put a smile on my face. And the letters to go with them. They are sunshine in my life.
So now I still look forward to Joelito and Yami's birthday photos. Yami's package was sent before this small one for Jose (in the same household). Hmmmm and her birthday was Aug. 15th. I'll try to be patient.

Here are the clothes

These are the clothes they received. When I sent the money for the bathroom I suggested they use the remainder for whatever they might need as a family. So it seems as though everyone got something. I'm glad for that.

Bathroom Materials Have Arrived!

I'm so excited that the family received the materials for their new bathroom, What a difference it will make. Something so simple yet so needed! I can't wait to see the finished project. Yamileisy's letter says;
My Dear Darleny;
Hello, I am very happy because you are thinking about me and my family. Thanks for the donation. We received; clothes, shoes, 1 Poloshirt (for dad) 2 blouses (for mom) 2 pair pants (Yami) 1 toy, construction materials; concrete blocks, pipes, cement, sink, toilet, etc. With love, Yamileisy
I really wish they didn't have to take up so much precious room listing everything. The photos are enough proof. I'd rather hear all about them, as many have mentioned before.
Just the other day I was telling an aquaintance about my CI kids and getting them a bathroom. He is a foster parent so I thought he'd be interested in my story. I told him about my upcoming fundraiser for the family's Income Generating Project. He then gave me $10 to put towards it. I was so grateful. I came home and put it into my FirstGiving page (even though it isn't up to my number yet). I love my CI kids and talking about them to whoever will listen. I try to carry my trip photos and SNG photos with me so that they know how real it is!