Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jose Manuel's book package

Yesterday I was feeling a little down and I had errands to run. At the end of the day around 5:00 I was heading home and didn't want to detour to the post office for the mail. I just wanted to go home. Well, I just had a feeling. I thought I might get an envelope with the CI insgnia on it for something. I've been waiting to get the info on my new child, Joelito and Yami's birthday photos. So I took the post office route. I'm so glad I did. All these pictures put a smile on my face. And the letters to go with them. They are sunshine in my life.
So now I still look forward to Joelito and Yami's birthday photos. Yami's package was sent before this small one for Jose (in the same household). Hmmmm and her birthday was Aug. 15th. I'll try to be patient.


  1. Hi!

    Just found your blog from the link on the google group. What a great collection of photos/stories!

    Is that a Spanish copy of "Green Eggs and Ham" Jose is holding? Where do you get cool stuff like that??? Borders.com maybe?

  2. Amazon is where I got it. I just googled Spanish written books. I've bought many. Green Eggs and Ham is one of my favorites. It has the English and Spanish words and rhymes well in Spanish. Amazing! I also sent Cat in the Hat. I'd like to send him as many as I can get if he enjoys them. There are lots of others too, new and used. I've bought both.