Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jose Joel or Joelito

I'm anxiously waiting to get my packet for Joelito. Its been awhile and I've already started a letter to him and printed some picture pages. I decided on printing photo album pages, then I will send him a binder type photo album for full sheets. I'll put them in page protectors (acid free, of course). Its really easy to write to him since I have already met him so I somewhat know his personality. I let him use my camera and he took pictures of everybody.

Their house is made of wood (you can see light through the walls) but it is very well kept. They do have electricity and running water in the home. The area between the homes, not really a street to drive on, is concrete so it has a much cleaner look. I think the whole neighborhood swept before our visit. His house is at the end of the walkway. They all want to see the people that came thousands of miles to see a child. Its a big deal to all. Of course we were so glad to have gifts for all the children around us. It was a great feeling!

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