Saturday, July 11, 2009

Joelito and his family

This is the sweetest family ever! We had a wonderful day with them. The whole neighborhood greeted us. I think they all

cleaned the streets in front of their homes. They all loaned chairs so that we could all sit and watch the kids play. See Joelito in front of me? He told the driver that he wanted to walk with me and asked if it was alright. He really took to me and I to him. How could I NOT sponsor such a sweet child? That's mama, Wendy, in the middle,a very charming lady and a great daddy there too in Joel! Jen got the little guy, Elias, a toddler size Mr. Potato Head! He carried it everywhere and showed all his friends. He even took his mitt to pizza with us. A day I'll never forget. Those children touch my heart and give me a great feeling to know them. I hope it is a forever relationship.

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